Tuesday 24 February 2009

Ted Clark Five - The Ted Clark Five (1986)


Catching up on cross-posts before getting to something new and noteworthy tonight. The Ted Clark Five were a collection of notables who would quickly go on to bands including Huevos Rancheros, Rabbit Has Brain and the Quitters.

Christopher Truch (ex-TC5, Joe 90) put together a fantastic compilation, We Is Not The Will..., We Is The Ted Clark Five, appending a bunch of unreleased studio stuff and live tracks to the original four-song cassette. Everything's been remastered, too:

No. 10 Nirvana*
Bringin' Me Down (Darlin You're)**
Bad Boy*** (L.Williams)
No Respect to Lose**
Guilt Doesn't Belong**
[untitled fragment]
Black Cat Bone‡ (A.Collins)
Ramblin' Rose*** (Burch/Wilkin)
Come See About Me† (D.Covay)
Nothing's Worse Than Waiting‡ (B.Cooper)
Time of Day*** (The Remains)
Danny's Doing Time‡ (B.Cooper, C.Truch)
No. 10 Nirvana**
Walking Out on Love**** (Collins)

*Originally released on: Writing On Stone:The Alberta Compilation, Rubber Records 1987 Recorded at In EarAudio, Calgary, Engineered by Shane Connelly and Gary Bruckner

**Originally Released on Independent Cassette: The Ted Clark Five. Recorded at Ace Of Clubs, Calgary, 1986

***Previously Unreleased, Recorded Live to Cassette at Acoustic Ga Ga, Calgary, 1988, Taper: James "The Beef" McCaffery

†Previously Unreleased, Recorded Live, Westward Club, Calgary, 1987,Engineered by Grant Sim

‡Unfinished Sessions, Recorded to Cassette4-track, The Cooper House, Calgary, 1987

****Out-take from Independent Cassette The Ted Clark Five. Recorded at Ace Of Clubs, Calgary, 1986, Scream: Joe McCaffery

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