Thursday 9 February 2012

Silicone Injection - Sic Nos Non Nobis (1981)

We've never actually laid eyes on this vinyl; these tracks were ripped from the second volume of the Smash the State compilation, which we found at Model Citizen...Zero Discipline. The compilations are based on Frank Manley's great Canadian punk discography of the same name, which has proved an indispensable Golden Rock resource (and one that we at the CCPS still need to pick up, apparently).

The Museum of Canadian Music has only slightly more info on this than we do, and tells us that the band's membership was:
G. Lamb: bass, vocals
F. Monaghan: drums
G. Thompson: guitar, vocals

Get yr daily injection here.


Anonymous said...

picked that up at Meloydia three years ago for 8 bucks with insert.

Unknown said...

I have two unopened never played copies. What are they worth? All band members were and are good friends.

Gene Poole said...

They're worthless! Send them to the CCPS at! J/k - highly sought-after, discogs says $220CDN?!

fraser monaghan said...

I have a handful of unopened copies.
Because I was the drummer.
$500 starts the bidding.