Tuesday 3 February 2009

Shinolas - Poisson (1996)

The Shinolas - Poisson

Here's the third Shinolas tape we have. Pete Link is a machine when it comes to songwriting. A crazy, malfunctioning machine that shortcircuits and then goes on a killing spree. Apparently there's another out there somewhere (or maybe a CD? or also a CD?) that features the very fantastic "Passed Out at the Door to Your Heart." But this tape has lots of good stuff too, like, uh, "Human Being Submarine Machine."

Trivia, something we just discovered by accident this weekend when digging through a box of random junk: bass player Conrad Montana played with local grump Lorrie Matheson in the tragically-named Anxious Poets. Did anyone else see them at one of those early-90s music festivals, when they played a Pixies cover and then Lorrie threw his guitar into the audience? No? Maybe we imagined it. And really, Lorrie's not that much of a grump. On Fridays.


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