Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Shinolas - Poisson (1996)

The Shinolas - Poisson

Here's the third Shinolas tape I have. Pete Link is a machine when it comes to songwriting. A crazy, malfunctioning machine that shortcircuits and then goes on a killing spree. Apparently there's another out there somewhere (or maybe a CD? or also a CD?) that features the very fantastic "Passed Out at the Door to Your Heart." But this tape has lots of good stuff too, like, uh, "Human Being Submarine Machine."

Trivia, something I just discovered by accident this weekend when digging through a box of random junk: bass player Conrad Montana played with local grump Lorrie Matheson in the tragically-named Anxious Poets. Did anyone else see them at one of those early-90s music festivals, when they played a Pixies cover and then Lorrie threw his guitar into the audience? No? Maybe I imagined it. And really, Lorrie's not that much of a grump. On Fridays.


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