Friday, 3 February 2012

Sacred Heart of Elvis: Live

Andrew Pearce (of The Now Feeling fame) found an old cassette recording of a Sacred Heart of Elvis gig. "I am pretty sure I wasn't playing drums on this recording," says Andrew. "I believe Ali gave it to me so that I could learn the songs for a few gigs I played with them in Toronto. I think this was a recording in Toronto and maybe Rodney Brent played on it, but I'm at a loss for who ever else."

Thanks a million for sending this in, Andrew!

We'll see if Rodney or someone can't shed some light on this mystery.

Wheezing Dog on Leash
Into the Frey
City of God
Wrong Cocktail
Black Snake Moan
Elvis on Velvet
Every Neurotic Citizen
Lolita's Revenge
Walking the Floor
Alligator Death Wine

This recording is a bit rough, but absolutely worth the listen.

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