Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Riot .303 - Crowd Control 7" (1982)

Once in a while, we here at the CCPS are going to break from our usual focus on the cassette tape to point you to a vinyl or even (gasp!) CD source. Today, we'd like to send you back to the dawn of time... well, okay, not really. How about 1982, and the band that spawned Beyond Possession, Color Me Psycho, Forbidden Dimension, The Choads, The Primrods, The Exploding Pigs... okay, that might be stretching a bit. But you get the idea. 


Dentist Escondido said...

Very interesting. Music from the 80's are good, compared today.

Anonymous said...

I'm agree with you. I'm French. I just listen 70's/80's punk & punk hardcore. Songs (Music and lyrics)are true compared today. Hardcore is love.

James Brown said...

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