Sunday 1 February 2009

Rayovaq - Ray-O-Vaq (1998)

Ray-O-Vaq - Ray-O-Vaq

I need to do a bit of quality control over on the old blog, here. It seems I neglected to post this, the first recording from the very, very fantastic Rayovaq. Or Ray-o-Vaq. or something. This is an early recording, I have a feeling Rusty is on drums here (Jay Wooley played on their CD, Tendency to Sway). Derek McEwen is a fantastic guitarist - and Rayovaq were probably one of my favourite live bands in the late 90's.

There was a rumour that Rayovaq were going to be playing a one-off reunion show last fall, at the Hot Little Rocket 10th anniversary party. Too bad that didn't happen. What you should do instead is go visit Derek over at his new venture, the Milk Tiger Lounge, and tell him he needs to pull out the Rickenbacker and make some more feedback-infused pop.

Here's an f-word article, just around the time of their CD release. CDs, man, who needs 'em?


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