Tuesday 24 February 2009

Joe 90 - Joe 90 (1990)

JOE 90

We're not sure why we didn't cross-post this from Golden Rock when our friends over there put it up a while ago. Chris Truch from the Quitters and Ted Clark Five, along with Tom Kennedy of Rabbit Has Brain and Huevos Rancheros (!) make this a must have.

(Sources in the know (ie Golden Rock) tell us that Gregg Cameron is actually Gregg Baekeland. You can play connect-the-dots for yourself here.)


Anonymous said...

FYI, James McCaffery from The Stoics played on 6 out of 10 tracks on this release.

mich609 said...

Tell me more, I am putting together a retrospective of the who is who in Alberta's music scene, for a proposed show show at the Royal Alberta museum.


Sharon Hooters7 said...

Gregg Baekeland later fronted the infamous imploding supergroup known as Rogue Pope which featured one of western Canada's finest drummers of Personality Crisis, DOA fame, SNFU's Jon Card, along with rhythm guitarist Jimmy Green, also formerly of Winnipeg's Personality Crisis. Tom Kennedy and Brent Cooper went on to play with Huevos Rancheros, the Link Wray inspired instrumental act, Christopher Truch is a sibling of one of Calgary's most successful families with brother Jon conceiving Tubby Dog, sisters in the art depts. @ Warner Bros. (Kim)and Polygram (Ali) went on to play in the Quitters and Straight..