Saturday 7 February 2009

Hot Little Rocket - Hot Little Rocket (1998)

Hot Little Rocket

A friend of ours passed me us few tapes this week (thanks, Les!), and the first one we're posting doesn't have the art. Sadness. Anyways, since we've posted Rosco Pecoe and Sky Suspended, the next logical step is... Hot Little Rocket. Here's the first tape they put out, just over 10 years ago - with a female lead singer! Something makes us also wants to say that they also had a different drummer. But we think we're wrong on that one.

The boys put together a nice little compilation CD for their 10th anniversary last year, and these two tracks were on it, so we don't think it's a dirty secret.

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nyedrummer said...

This tidbit was recorded over 1 night by Bobby McAllister at Sundae Sound when they had the midnight sessions open.

Mark Macarthur - bass
Angela Marra - vocals
Joel Nye - drums
Aaron Smelski - guitar
Andrew Wedderburn - guitar