Monday 9 January 2012

Golden Calgarians: live at Peace Fest (1988)

Golden Rock reader Buke sent in this live recording of the Golden Calgarians performing at Peace Fest--our best guess is this was the Saturday, August 6 1988 event at Prince's Island. (Also on the bill: Liquid Light, Same Difference.) If anybody begs to differ, please let us know. Particularly notable for the inclusion of two tracks ("Surfing Down the Drain," "Hog Wild") which don't appear on any of the GC's albums.

Set list (order is speculative, except for first and last tracks):

Party in the Sun
Ballad of Blood Beach
Guitar Curse
Herpes Simplex II
I Feel Alive
My Big Truck
Sex Under Missiles
Surfing Down the Drain
Vladivostok Rock
(You're Stepping on My New) Boots
Hog Wild

Thanks very much, Buke!

Get it here.

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J. Edwin Kirker said...

I bought the drums belonging to Darryl Bruno that Jeff Smith played for this band. They still rock!