Saturday, 21 February 2009

Funeral Factory - Cold War Isolation Daisies (1990)

The Funeral Factory

This tape isn't formally titled, but we think (think, think, think) this is the cassette release of their Cold War Isolation Daisies CD (c. 1990?). The running order is different than both the j-card on the tape and the CD track listing. We present this as is, not re-ordered as per the documentation. Speaking of which, the documentation is completely lacking here.

Of note: what is listed as "Living With Ghosts" is in fact the five tracks from their vinyl EP with the same title (previously posted by our pals at Golden Rock).

Also - this article from the Calgary Herald explains the link between The Funeral Factory and Big Bang Theory: bassist Case Caulfield.

Get your goth on!

Edit: thanks to the sharp minds at Golden Rock for confirming that yep, this is Cold War/Isolation Daisies, from 1990. Thanks also to Grant Hutchinson for passing along a second j-card, which includes the artwork/credits for Living with Ghosts.

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The link to the Golden Rock post is dead, by the by.