Sunday 26 February 2012

Eye On You - Who's Been Sleeping In My Head? (1985)

We've got a second Eye On You 7", via Golden Rock again. This one suffers from some questionable cover art. We're not sure who is responsible, but clearly this was one of the problems local musicians faced before Tom Bagley was around to illustrate these things.

Dis Side
Mom, Dad and the Kids
Lost in Space

Dat Side
Children (Shouldn't Play With Dead Things)
Riley Manor Boogie

Eye On You is:
Gary Lamb--bass, vocals
Darcy Scott--guitar, vocals
Murdoch MacLeod--guitar, vocals
Joney Hornblend--drums, vocals, cymbals

Produced by Shane C (can you spare a couple hands) at In House Audio. Cowtown, Alboita.In Dec/84Special Ranx: Mae Westerly, Gaz Thompson, Reno & Rob for Trucks, Terry for Posters, Min Manor Folks, and all Gig Goers. And very special tanxs to beermiesters and brewmasters thru out the worldWE LOVE YOU!!!

All songs CAPAC (c) 1985
Cover by: Images in Darkness.

Thanks to Golden Rock reader Eric Dawson for sending this one in!

Get this art out of our heads!.

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cheeba said...

Oh YES! Didn't remeber them sounding so sloooow at the gigs. Thankls for this...any EOY, White Noise & BP is sooooo appreciated!!!