Thursday, 19 February 2009

Brass - Shazam! (1995)


We have a second Brass tape. But we don't have the artwork. Why? We don't know. You should just be glad we have the tape.

We haven't been listing tracks in my postings b/c we've had pictures of the art, and we're lazy. Since we don't have the art, here's what you can expect on this:

1. Ben & Tracy
2. Untitled
3. Mountebank
4. My Summer
5. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

Is this their second tape? Maybe even their third? Is it the same folks playing as in the other band? Or is it Red Autumn Fall having a lark?

Who knows.

(Update: we found the artwork! But we still think this is Red Autumn Fall!)


Anonymous said...

Brass would be pissed if they read they were just RAF playing a lark. Two totally different bands.

Ben and Tracy is an awesome song.

Anonymous said...

What, members of Brass pissed off at something? Never.

montythecat said...

Ben and Tracy is not only an awesome song, but completely distinct from any of RAF's contributions.

Clutterer, and perhaps also the initial CCPS comment, seem both to stem, with all due respect, from a sort of dickish place.

Anonymous said...

matt gillespie went on to do this:

Anonymous said...

So, wait, what did Matt Gillespie go on to do, exactly?

Anonymous said...

Monty the Cat - just wait for my dickish article about the Panacea shows, too!

Oh wait: Todd Kipp already did that.

Weldon Gardner Hunter said...

I remember having a conversation with a member of Brass one night at the Castle about Orange Juice (the band.) And I also remember my friend Scott (who knew Todd Kipp) always saying "Shazam!" and then this tape came out.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

"shazam" was from the TV series about The Young Elvis - one scene had an old black blues musician meeting yooung E in a bus station and at the end of their conversation, he said, by way of farewell "shazam". It was so ridiculous that we went through a phase of saying it.