Sunday 25 January 2009

Wagbeard - Wag Beard (1993)

Wag Beard

We're celebrating a couple of things today. First, a few new finds from the dusty hole that is Recordland (am I the only one who worries about getting hantavirus from that place?). Second, seeing a bunch of Calgary scene veterans onstage at the Broken City on Friday night. Two fellers from this featured band played with their new bands - well, kind of. I'm not sure how many bands Steve Elaschuk is in at any given time. Five? Twelve? Anyhoo, Friday night was the return of Chris Temple with the Great Evil (also featuring Jay Kreway of Field Day). And a rare appearance by the Neckers, featuring Steve Elaschuk on bass.

Wagbeard (or Wag Beard, as this tape seems to indicate) did some mighty fine things in their day. I think "Too Easy" stands as one of my favourite songs from that era. This tape features soon-to-be Primrod Chris Faulkner on drums (before he was replaced by Trevor MacGregor). And Steve Elaschuk. I really can't believe this is the first tape I've featured with Steve E on bass. But it was also recorded with Jeff Burns, so there's at least one recurring theme, uh, recurred.

There's a nice l'il article over at the f-word you might want to read.


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Anonymous said...

I have a box of old Calgary band cassettes somewhere if you wanna peruse them? I think I have quite a few that you're missing.