Sunday 25 January 2009

Rosco Pecoe - Rosco Pecoe (1993)

Roscoe Pecoe

Roscoe Pecoe - Inside
Here's an odd one. I remember Rosco Pecoe mainly for their t-shirts, which gloriously appropriated the old Beaver Lumber logo. I also remember lead singer Scott Bennie - later of the Long Run and Don's Hobby Shop. But I don't remember Mark MacArthur being in the band. Mark went on to redeem himself in Hot Little Rocket as their flying bass player, and now is in Vancouver working for CBC Radio 3.



Unknown said...

Fantastic! Wow, I guess 1993 isn't 'just a few years' ago anymore. Good work in collecting all these.

BTW, If you still have your t-shirt collection - send them in to our CBC Radio 3 Canadian Rock Shirt Museum :

Anonymous said...

Don't laugh at me, this is serious!

Sounds really good for 93.

Arif said...

This post is, apparently, approved by 2/5 of HLR. Thanks guys!

Trevor L said...

Hmm, was this something requiring redemption?

Anonymous said...

Fair enough - we were overly-flippant in some of our early posts. Wait, maybe we still are.

Anonymous said...

The drummer went on to join a metal band.
He was inspired by Trevors' brother's Slayer record collection.

David Teneycke said...

Actually, I was pretty inspired by metal before I joined.
I was always trying to sneak a little more double kick drum action into the songs!!!!