Wednesday 28 January 2009

Elmo's Dream - Pocket Full of Granola (1994)

Elmo's Dream - Pocket Full of Granola
Okay, so Elmo's Dream. We hadn't noticed this tape credits the band as a 4-piece until just now. We only ever saw them as a three-piece - and once as a two-piece, with drums pre-recorded on 4-track. We think these guys were maybe 16 when they did this - We're pretty sure we remember a show they played which they, uh, shouldn't have been in the establishment.

Not sure what happened to Jeff, but bass player Mark Rudd popped up later in the Parkades, and then also in Kara Keith's Falconhawk. Dave Alcock turned his love of recording into a full-time job - he now runs Sundae Sound. And has a spectacular head of hair, not unlike Phil Spector. 


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