Wednesday 28 January 2009

Elmo's Dream - Pocket Full of Granola (1994)

Elmo's Dream - Pocket Full of Granola
Okay, so Elmo's Dream. We hadn't noticed this tape credits the band as a 4-piece until just now. We only ever saw them as a three-piece - and once as a two-piece, with drums pre-recorded on 4-track. We think these guys were maybe 16 when they did this - We're pretty sure we remember a show they played which they, uh, shouldn't have been in the establishment.

Not sure what happened to Jeff, but bass player Mark Rudd popped up later in the Parkades, and then also in Kara Keith's Falconhawk. Dave Alcock turned his love of recording into a full-time job - he now runs Sundae Sound. And has a spectacular head of hair, not unlike Phil Spector. 

Elmo's Dream - K-Tel Classics (1994)

Elmo's Dream - K-Tel Classics

Continuing tonight's theme of "tapes we didn't know about that MandoTodd gave me" is the second (we assume) offering from Elmo's Dream. Perhaps the most intriguing thing about this tape is they actually thank the Parkades. And it recycles "Seeing Things," which is a mighty, mighty fine song.

And we just realized we haven't posted their first tape, which we'll do right after this.

Huevos Rancheros - Rocket to Nowhere (1992)

Huevos Rancheros - Rocket to Nowhere

We love it when wikipedia answers our burning questions. Such as, why are there two dates on this tape (the j-card says 1991, the actual tape label says 1992). Well, this page (a whole page dedicated to the 45/cassette! whodathunk?) clears up the mystery. The 45 came out in 1991 (on Estrus, and with just four songs), while the tape came out the next year with The Short Happy Song and Rumble added in.

We actually didn't know/forgot this was available on tape. Thanks to MandoTodd for holding onto this and passing it our way!

Please Pass the Ketchup!

Sunday 25 January 2009

Pitchin' Woo - Playing the Flute and Drinking at the Jade Fountain (1996)

Pitchin' Woo - Playin the Flue and Drinking at the Jade Fountain

One more for the evening. I truly believe that everything Joe McCaffery touches is brilliant. Nothing will shake this belief. The songwriting duo of Earl Ridley and Glynnis Ewashen are still somewhat active, if their myspace is to be believed. Maybe they know what happened to Joe?

(You'll remember Glynnis from Yr Scapegoat and the Ex-Boyfriends, of course. You are paying attention to these little details, aren't you?)

Drink it up!

Various - Alberta Boom (2008)

What's this? A cassette release in 2008? Yep, and it's a mighty one, too. Featuring two of our favourite bands right now (okay, one's already dead...), the Ostrich and Lethbridge's Endangered Ape. And a couple of bands we're still not sure about (The Pine Tarts and Edmonton's Wicked Awesomes). And two more bands we haven't seen yet.

Anyways, it really is good. It's called ALBERTA BOOM! and it's put out by the good folks at Mammoth Cave Recordings.

Edit: holy crap, a myspace link? Sheesh, different times... head to the Mammoth Cave bandcamp for the stream/download.

Bender - 2 Cents Worth (1994)

Bender - 2c Worth

Bender - 2c Worth (inside)
I'm gonna level with you. The only reason I'm posting this is because it features Mike Bressanutti, who has played drums in two of the best bands in recent history.


Rosco Pecoe - Rosco Pecoe (1993)

Roscoe Pecoe

Roscoe Pecoe - Inside
Here's an odd one. I remember Rosco Pecoe mainly for their t-shirts, which gloriously appropriated the old Beaver Lumber logo. I also remember lead singer Scott Bennie - later of the Long Run and Don's Hobby Shop. But I don't remember Mark MacArthur being in the band. Mark went on to redeem himself in Hot Little Rocket as their flying bass player, and now is in Vancouver working for CBC Radio 3.


Field Day - Friction (1995)

Field Day - Friction

Field Day - Friction (inside)
Hmm. We don't have too much more to day about Field Day. Did we mention their drummer is playing with Chris from Wagbeard now? Oh, yeah. we did.

Anyways, you know the deal.

Field Day - Pet (1992)

Field Day - Pet

Ha! A band with their own wikipedia entry! This makes our life easier!

This is an early cassette - predating the released on their wikipedia entry, even!

Take that, Mr. Smart-Ass Wikipedia Contributor!

Wagbeard - Wag Beard (1993)

Wag Beard

We're celebrating a couple of things today. First, a few new finds from the dusty hole that is Recordland (am I the only one who worries about getting hantavirus from that place?). Second, seeing a bunch of Calgary scene veterans onstage at the Broken City on Friday night. Two fellers from this featured band played with their new bands - well, kind of. I'm not sure how many bands Steve Elaschuk is in at any given time. Five? Twelve? Anyhoo, Friday night was the return of Chris Temple with the Great Evil (also featuring Jay Kreway of Field Day). And a rare appearance by the Neckers, featuring Steve Elaschuk on bass.

Wagbeard (or Wag Beard, as this tape seems to indicate) did some mighty fine things in their day. I think "Too Easy" stands as one of my favourite songs from that era. This tape features soon-to-be Primrod Chris Faulkner on drums (before he was replaced by Trevor MacGregor). And Steve Elaschuk. I really can't believe this is the first tape I've featured with Steve E on bass. But it was also recorded with Jeff Burns, so there's at least one recurring theme, uh, recurred.

There's a nice l'il article over at the f-word you might want to read.