Thursday, 11 December 2008

Loudmouth - Loudmouth (1996)


We're not sure where this fits in terms of the Puritans to Agnostics conversion. The Puritans continued to be active to about 1998, so... we really don't know. Anyways, a great chance to hear more of Bob's flyin' fingers guitar. A strange mix of jazz, punk and rockabilly. Or something.

Get it here.

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J. Edwin Kirker said...

Nice blog. I'm glad to see you put this up. Karrie Galvin and I formed this band after we disolved Drench. We wanted to add Bob to the lineup and we tried out a couple of bass players before Vlad was added. Our highlight was the Black Sabbath tribute at The Ship. Richard Sixto on sax. Thanks.
Jeff Kirker