Monday 2 January 2012

Golden Calgarians: Chicken on the Way (c. 1980)

One of the driving forces behind launching Golden Rock was to find lost CalgCon classics, those songs that were never released on vinyl or cassette, but found a home on the CJSW airwaves. Songs like..."Chicken on the Way," the Golden Calgarians' ode to the Calgary fast food institution on the corner of 14th Street & Kensington Road N.W. [Since this was originally posted three years ago at Golden Rock, we've noticed another Chicken on the Way in Forest Lawn... what's that about? - CCPS]

It took a while to unearth this nugget, but here's "Chicken on the Way," in all its lo-fi glory. Dave Degrood supplied some details about the recording: That's him on bass, Bruno singing, and Jeff Smith on drums (and on the skit portion). The guitarist was probably Scott Fawcett, who left the band just before they recorded their debut, It's Fun to Be Alive, putting the recording date around 1980. Dave's not sure where the song was recorded, but it's possible it was in the CJSW studios. (We vaguely remember hearing that DJ Wah might've been involved. Walter? You out there?) The song was written by Scott Fawcett.

Big thanks to Ken Kittlitz for sending this one in. Ken played guitar in Enemy Mind Feel, and was a longtime CJSW DJ. Back in '86, he had the foresight to make a mix tape of his favourite local stuff. Even better, he kept that cassette for over 20 years. More to come from the Kittlitz Tape in future posts. Thanks to Cheeba for cleaning up the audio.

The above clipping (no byline, photo by Brodylo/Morrow) comes from the March 1986 issue of the short-lived Calgary magazine:

Golden Bruno
In 1978, when Geoff Smith and Bruno (“just Bruno”) were students at Queen Elizabeth High, their rock band was called The Remains, perhaps a not-so-coincidental bastardization of their idols, The Ramones. Two years later, morbid punk names died and The Golden Calgarians were born.
As the contradiction in their latest album title Savage Love suggests, they play to mixed reviews. They have been described as “raunchy and loud” and “tight and passionate.” Montreal loves them.
Doug Smith plays guitar and Dave DeGrood handles bass. The raunch is Bruno, 25, lead singer and lyricist. His good looks have made him successful as a nude model at Alberta College of Art.
[photo caption] Just Bruno: Golden Calgarians' raunch component from 25-year-old singer.
Get your chicken here.


Anonymous said...

The other story has a guy named Joe Connelly. Did he become Alderman Joe Connelly? Hmmmmm...

Anonymous said...

Chicken on the Way was recorded at SAIT in the basement by Mark Robertson who was a friend and student there.