Thursday, 19 January 2012

Cryin' Helicopters - "Go West Young Bee" and "Move" (c.1984)

Since we've been talking Cooper, we think it's time to go back to the Golden Rock archives for this. These are two songs from Ken Kittlitz's '86 mix tape, again re-mastered by Cheeba. Big thanks to both fellows!

The Cryin' Helicopters were one in a string of bands featuring guitar whiz Brent J. Cooper (falling somewhere between his stints in The Will... and the Ted Clark Five?), best known for his work in instro outfits Huevos Rancheros and the Ramblin' Ambassadors. In fact, Huevos recycled "Go West Young Bee" on a 7" (b/w "Girl from N.A.N.A.I.M.O.," Top Drawer, 1994) and the Dig In! album (Mint Records MRD-007, 1995). More info on the Helicopters, and hopefully more tracks, to come soon. In the meantime, might we suggest you buy the fabulous new Ramblin' Ambassadors disc, Vista Cruiser Country Squire?

Update 07/30/2008: Not surprisingly, walking music encyclopedia David Veitch remembers the Helicopters roster:

Brent Cooper - guitar
Dave Stevenson - drums
Dave Hatfield - bass
Tom Wolfe - vocals

Stevenson, Veitch notes, also did time with Cooper in The Will... Hatfield and Wolfe were formerly of Grey Nun.

Go West!

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