Tuesday 20 March 2012

Kirk Miles - On A Whimsically Adulterous Night with Batman's Wife and Other Poems (1986)

We're going back to the tapes, but this time for a genre that we rarely feature, but one that's timely with yesterday's announcement of our city's first Poet LaureatePoetry is a bit of a change of pace for us, but Kirk Miles makes the cut because: (a) His cassette was put out by Syntax, who also released music by Big Dog and the Rip Chords and (b) It's a good example of the artistic cross-pollination (e.g., poets doing readings in punk venues) that made Calgary's '80s scene so vibrant. Heck, not only is Miles' old theatre outfit, One Yellow Rabbit, still going strong, they've even got the original Ten Foot Henry plywood cut-out in their performance space!  

Speaking of Henry's, here is a photo of Kirk we stole from the Ten Foot Henry's Facebook group:

And, of course, here is Golden Rock's age old transcription of the liner notes:
On a Whimsically Adulterous Night with Batman's Wife
Two Deaths of a Shark
Three Handy Recipes for Summoning up from the Deep
Catwoman Meets Sid Vicious
When the Xenonman
Supergirl in the Blossom Factory
Kirk Miles lives in Calgary.
He was a founding director of One Yellow Rabbit Performance Troupe and has written several productions for the company.
He is currently working on a children's novel.
Some poems originally published in Last Issue Magazine, Winter 1987.
Illustrations by Wendy Toogood. 
(c) Copyright 1986 Kirk Miles. All rights reserved. Recorded at Syntax Arts Society, Calgary, Alberta, October 26, 1986.
Huge thanks to Brian at Syntax for sending in a copy of the cassette! Get adulterous here.

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