Wednesday 29 February 2012

Beyond Possession: Tell Tale Heart (1985)

There have been two pressings of this classic skate rock single. The first was released on 7" vinyl by Rooter Records (MR-01), and then later reissued, again on 7" vinyl, by Fango Records (FR-001), minus "Dying Fast." We Will Bury You has a great comparison of the sleeves and vinyl of both pressings. Sadly, Golden Rock only had the re-issue, so we're missing "Dying Fast" in this download.

Side OneTell Tale Heart (words: Kenney)
What's the Matter? (words: Hadley)
Skater's Life (words: Hadley)
Side TwoNo Religion (words: Hiebert, Kenney)
Vengeance (words: Wall, Kenney, Beatty)
Dying Fast (words: Kenney) 
Beyond Possession is Beyond Possession
Engineered by: Shane
Produced by: Beyond Possession
Photos by: Ian Groll
Film Processing: Darren Robertson
Cover Art: Bill Baker
Manager: Dave Westlake
Road Crew: Mike Binder 
Special Thanks to: Hutch, Gubby, the Stretch Marks and Matt, Paul and Bill of Smilin' Buddha Tattoos for the ratty tat tats and killer art work, Jerry for the word "scud", Narly and Tylenol for watchen' em, and to the bad guys who make wrestling what it is
Thanks to: Mr. and Mrs. Wall, and Dave Rockdonald for the practice spots, Plaza Grocercy for the Cokes and Twix, John Hiebert, Brent Beatty, Bryan Wall, and Sheila Cameron, Sean for the T-shirts, Ryan for having fun, Craig Marshall, Mark "Iggy", and the Pac Mans Vintage Musical, Mainly Music, and to all the people who support their local bands.

We're always a bit fuzzy on this band's membership at any given time, despite the liner notes of the Repossessed compilation. But still, we skate on...


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