Thursday 1 March 2012

Beyond Possession - Beyond Possession Is Beyond Possession (1986)

This is the classic Beyond Possession LP, released Metal Blade Records. We've always wondered why, three years later, the band split without recording anything else. (AND a bonus - we got our hands on a copy of this on tape - so there's the cassette art as well!)

We'll point you over to We Will Bury You again for some great scans of the cover art, liner notes/lyric sheets and vinyl of this release. They mention that this was put out on tape as well - which we can't find any real evidence of. We'll also suggest - if you're feeling nostalgic - that you pop by the (soon to be archived?) Beyond Possession Facebook group, which has a few nice bits of ephemera.  
Never Nothing New
Life Force
Dying Fast
Living To Tell You About It
Last Will And Testament
You're So Important
Final Daze
Why? It's Youth 
Beyond Possession
Creeping Eruption
Hard Times
Attitude Problem
Cinderella Sindrome
I'll Never Rest In Peace 
This album is dedicated to the youth. Youth is a state of mind. 
Thanks to: All people who strive to be and ARE Beyond Possession. Those who stayed beyond possession, you know who you are. To the people who gave of themselves to create the album.
Special thanks to: Brian (Slats) Slagel, Bil (Rockin' Gus Onion) Metoyer, B. Ware, Mofo, and everyone at Thrasher Magazine and Deuxe. Ken and Sandra at the Record Store. Beth (for giving greatly). Cal (3 a.m.) Tire. Sean Holowaychuk (for the killer T-shirts). Adam Bomb. Ox and Carcass Bews. Whale Unit. Huckster. Dave Westlake (from the beginning to...). Rick (for the killer axe). Johnny Cruse Drum Shop. Arlene, Angie, Cheryl, (for their support, emotional and financial). Barb Carter. The "Hags". Robyn, Fred, and Rick. Jim C. Bomber. Kevin Mitchell R.I.P. 
Roadies: Steve Friedlander. Tim (Rim) Bews. Mike B. Ted Sim., and anyone else who lent a hand. 
A "Fuckin' Eh" To: Al Swanky. The Dogs and Guys at the 702 House. Barry at Vintage Music. The Custom Officer at Osoyoos, B.C. Tony. Tom PIg. Adam in S.L.C. Brad Raunch. Pat (Right Direction) White. Ben and Craig. The Guys at Track Record; Ken, Brian, and Al. Brad Perkins. Danno and the Keg party. Marty and the girls. Jim. Craig (for the hockey fight video). Odie the Roadie. Jose. Joy. Paul C. Vanito. 
Bands: D.R.I., Dr. Know, The Melvins, Power of the Spoken Word, Hirax, R.K.L., Verbal Abuse, The Offenders, Gang Green, Die Dreuzen, Tales of Terror (for the Toons), and al the bands who are true to what they believe. 
Our Parents: Gwen, Morris. Don and Wendy. Mom and Dad Yauk. 
To Our Second M&P's: Jim and Gwen. Ma and Pa Bews. Mr. and Mrs. Lukin. Z's mom. The Sears family. Jim's folks in St. Louis. Marty's youthful mother. 
Sack List: We know who you are, do you?
You know, we've always been worried that we were on that sack list.


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Download "Beyond Possession is Beyond Possession":

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James said...

Thanks!! It's nice to hear these songs again after so many years. Great blog too!

Anonymous said...

do you remember The Melvins show in Calgary in '86?

Anonymous said...

greatest canadian band ever, better than rush.

gene Poole said...

New link from CCPS:

Doug W said...
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Unknown said...

These where the days