Sunday 18 March 2012

Ohama Meets Dania - Love Only Lasts Awhile (1986)

This LP sees Ohama collaborating with singer Dania for more synth pop goodness. Here's a sample, without singer Dania:

Thanks to Golden Rock for the transcription of the liner notes:

Side One*Gaslit Squares
*Don't Be Afraid
*Your Face
*Lonely Heart Dance
Side Two**The Drum
***My Time
Talking About
*Take Me Dancing 
*written by D. George, all other selections written by Ohama
**previously released by MASM on the HAWAI label as part of a 4 LP compilation Nov. 20, 1985 France
***mixed Sept. 17, 1982, previously released as a video by Mike Baker
All selections published by Midnite News Music (PROCAN). Copyright 1986 Ohama Recordings
Cover Art by Ulrike Voll
Bass Guitar on "LOLA" by Rhona Thomas
Thanks to: Marcel Dion, Eva Everything, Ray Walker, Alex Douglas, Ten Foot Henry's, Richard Patterson, Richard Motokado, Richard Sweret, Heather Elton, Peter Goodwin, Avery Tanner, Dave Albiston, Liz Janek, Jamie Cleaver, Ellen Gonda, James Muretich, Susan Francis, Helen Matella, Dave Holden, Daniel Bernier, Kim Deschamps, Dave Smeltzer, Daniel Richler, Heather Malek, Gregg Thurlbeck, Valerie Gregory, Bruce Toll, Bob Weber, CJSR Edmonton, Lenny Stoute, CJSW Calgary, Ben Pettit, Christine de la Celle, Philippe Soussens, Ron Robinson, Pollution Control, Neil Phillips, Angela Whelock, World Records, Campus Radio, Dave Degrood, Rob Bye, Richard McDowell, Tamara Smrdely, Grant Burns, Kevin Brooker, David Cassels, Dennis Smrdely, Leonard, Chris Turney, Roy Warhurst, Grant Sim and all those too numerous to mention who helped out, especially those who sent the wonderful fan mail!

You can get this one via CDBaby.


Anonymous said...

Well, I ha ve tried the links for about a year to get ahold of the ohama box, and never once found a reply. So, It wouldn't be too much a crime to post this album, wpould it?

Christopher Zuk said...

I emailed Ohama last night about the "ohama box" and he replied it is not avaiable anymore.