Saturday 17 March 2012

Ohama - "Midway" b/w "Thin Lines" & "And Without A Word" (1986)

This is the third 12" from Ohama. Thanks to Golden Rock for transcribing the liner notes - there's some amazing insight into Tona Walt Ohama's heritage in here.
Side One
Side Two
Thin Lines
And Without a Word 
Side One produced by Avery Tanner for Mass Production
Side Two produced by Ohama
Dennis Marcenko: bass guitar, programming
Dick Motokado: Japanese-English vocals*
Avery Tanner: drum programming
Mia Blackwell: backing vocals
Eric D. Hoffaby: conga program
Performed, recorded and mixed on The Potatoe Farm 
We're all connected by thin lines
We're only drifting...
Do we exist?
I'm only a shadow of reality... 
*In 1941 Dick Motokado was 13 years old. On March 5, 1942 the B.C. Security Commission gave his family 48 hours to move from their home on Vancouver Island. They were allowed to take two suitcases and a clothes bag each. The rest of their property was confiscated and sold. Mr. Motokado went from Vancouver Island to the Hastings Park Livestock Building and then to the relocation camp Tashme. He spent four years there with 2,500 to 4,000 other Japanese Canadians... 
The registration card on the front cover is from the 1940's and belongs to Tona Ohama, Senior... 
Handmade paper & print by Linda Ohama
All selections written by Tona W. Ohama
Published by Midnite News Music (PROC)
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