Wednesday 11 January 2012

Various - Tones: The Calgary Sampler Album (1988)

Here's another compilation from Golden Rock Records, featuring four bands from the late 80's. Maybe this shows how far the scene had evolved. Or something.

The one band who we don't have anything else from on here is This Bicameral Mind - we remember seeing posters for them around town - does anyone know if they put out anything else?

Side One
Big Bang Theory: "The Walk"
This Bicameral Mind: "Gunning Down John"
21 Hundredz: "Now Playing"
Same Difference: "Soft in Her Silence"

Side Two
Same Difference: "Kiss of Ice"
21 Hundredz: "Today"
This Bicameral Mind: "Home"
Big Bang Theory: "Nothing"

From the back cover notes:

Big Bang Theory
Case Caulfield-Bass
Sean McEwen-Lead Vocals
Andy Williamson-Drums, Vocals
Photo: Kate Yorga
Recording: Diz, Longshot, Caine

This Bicameral Mind
Photo: G.Boucher
Produced By T.B.M. & Cary Sadler
Recorded and Mixed At Longshot Studio, Calgary
Engineer: Cary Sadler
Special Thanks To: "Diz" who appears on "Gunning Down John"

Same Difference
Vocals-Janine Bracewell
Conga, Spoons-Dave Follett
Bass-Diane Kooch
Guitar-Chantel Vitalis
"Soft In Her Silence" Recorded at Big City Sound By Scott Willing
"Kiss of Ice" Recorded at Longshot Studio By Cary Sadler
Photos: Alexander W. Thomas
Special Thanks To: "Jumpin" Jan Turner

The 21 Hundredz
Photo: Doug Faires
Produced By: 21 Hundredz
"Now Playing" Engineered and Co-Produced by: Doug Faires, Sundae Sound
"Today" Engineered By: Jim Cretney

Executive Producer: Micheal McParland

Special Thanks To:
Ando-Jacket Design
Kate Yorga-Front Photo
Geoff Smith and The Westward Club
CJSW and VOX Magazine
James Muretich (Herald)
Dave Veech (Sun)
Ian, Paula and 'Diz' for all the assistance...!

Get it here.


Mark said...

I have some of the original vinyl of these...

Potsie said...

Meloydia has it in the $5 bin

Anonymous said...

I was the keyboard player in This Bicameral Mind. There were two songs released on CJSW (On This Night and So You're Dead) but nothing else was released by the band after the Tones compilation. Lots of gigs around town but the band just fizzled out in the end. Lots of fun times though!

Loved Same Difference and Big Bang Theory and got to play lots of show together. Great time to be involved with the Calgary music scene.