Friday 28 March 2008

Same Difference - Same Difference (1989)

Same Difference

Before she was part of Kris Demeanor's crack bank and a songwriter in own right, Chantal Vitalis was a big part of the jazzy Same Difference.

The Party
Cigarette (You Say)
Kiss of Ice
Love Is Over
In This Life
Can't Hear You Anymore
The River

Janine Bracewell: Vocal, keys
Dave Follett: Percussion
Lori Kennedy: Drums
Diane Kooch: Bass
Chantal Vitalis: Guitar

All songs written by Same Difference (c) Capac 1989

Recorded at Living Room Studios by Richard Harrow

Cover art by Janet Turner

Special thanks to: Syntax Arts Society, Sue (Westward Club), Rita (National), Tania (Studio a Go-Go), VOX, CJSW, James Muretich, Scott Willing, Kerry Clarke, Anne Loree, Patty Lynn, Alexander Thomas, Robert Cuffley, Richard Harrow. Thanks to all those who have helped and supported us over the past 3 years.

Another one courtesy of Mr. David Veitch. Thanks yet again!

{update Apr 24, 2016: we've just added an improved rip of this tape, thanks to Chantal Vitalis}

Get it here.


Dgrador said...

I met Janine in Vancouver in the early '90s, she jammed with my band a few times... helluva voice.

John Keillor said...

I saw Same Difference perform about fifty times during the mid-eighties, a total fanboy. Now I'm absolutely stoked to hear this music again. Would love to hear back from any of the band's members

sandi said...

Awwww! Same Difference - what a fun band and what a fun group of people. I'll never forget my first tour across Canada in a rusted out van, staying in strangers' basements, playing great clubs like the Albion, the Red Dog, the Town Pump, the Railway, Call the Office - driving through the Rogers Pass in a blinding whiteout, making crank calls to Kerry Clarke from London, ON... I loved (and still love) the music we created together and, even better, the memories that I have of our time together. xox Chant (guitarist and unofficial cartoonist for the band)

MABBY said...

I must have seen them five or six times, usually at the Westward Club.
What a great surprise to find them here today!

Janine Bracewell said...

Wow... thank you so much for the kind comments and excellent memories. I would love to know who 'Dgrador' is!! And John and Mabby ... thank you so much!! ;-) We've posted by the cassette and a demo that we had completed here:

Heaps of thanks to CCPS for their outstanding work keeping great analog music alive in these digital times... Sooo many thankyou's!!!

Sean said...

Can't believe I found this. Thanks for the link to Soundcloud. Fantastic cassette. Brings back lots of memories of Calgary clubs.

David Toews said...

I found a cassette player for 5 bucks and dug out some old tapes, and found this precious gem. I used to see Same Difference all the time at the Trading Company in Lake Louise when I worked there from 1988-1992. So so good, love it.