Sunday, 1 January 2012

Remains: unreleased rehearsal recording (1980)

As the CCPS is taking over the archives from Golden Rock, we see no better place to start than with the band that helped give that blog it's name, the Golden Calgarians. or, in this case, the band that eventually spawned the Golden Calgarians.

Before changing their name to the Golden Calgarians, The Remains were the pride/scourge of Queen Elizabeth High School (some backstory here.) Dave Degrood (Remains/GC bass-man) sent in a Remains practice recording, which includes a few songs that showed up on GC LPs. Dave notes that the session features original guitarist Scott Fawcett, "who unfortunately quit just before the first album."

The set list:

Ballad of Blood Beach
TV Clone
I'm Sick
Into the '80s
Send Your Children
(You're Stepping on My New) Boots

This is pretty great, raw stuff that makes a nice companion piece to the Sandwiches tape we posted last week. Where the Sandwiches are lean and angular, the Remains are raucous and fun, even in this early form.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. Scott Fawcett was an interesting guitar player. When he 'grew up' he went on to be a corporate type at Microsoft.

Anonymous said...

Hope that you can keep the demo tapes coming .....

Patabeatniks early 80s demos


Anonymous said...

Scott Fawcett was a good guy!! He Helped influenced me to write lyrics!! He asked me what band i liked!? I said, Stones!! He said good choice & encouraged me to write songs like them!! Not sure if thats when i started but i've written alot of lyrics in my Time!! Thx.!! Greg