Sunday 8 January 2012

Golden Calgarians: live at the Ace of Clubs (circa 1986 or 1987)

This Golden Calgarians set was sent to Golden Rock by Dave Degrood, bassist for the Golden Calgarians, a few years back. We think chunks of this are from the same set as this one, but there's enough difference that we're going to present it as another, separate post. Just because if we're going to overdose on Golden Calgarians posts, what's one more? Plus, Bruno's banter/rambling is priceless.

Set list:

Sex Under Missiles
My Big Truck
Savage Love
Happy Man
Night of Miracles
Summer of '87
Herpes Simplex II
It's Fun to Be Alive
Vladivostock Rock
I Feel Like...
Guitar Curse

Get it here.


mrmur said...

It's not there.

bukester said...

Links to live tunes recorded at a Golden Calgarians gig, the Peacefest , held in maybe 1984? at Prince's Island in Calgary. Enjoy this great material!

Golden Rock said...

Thanks so much, Buke! Cool to hear a couple of songs that didn't make any of the albums! I'll post an entry for this as soon as possible.

Jeff said...

I think I have some gc albums in the basement and other Cowtown punk memorabilia...I hear Calgary is as golden as ever.