Saturday 29 March 2008

Edward and Life - To Hell With Elvis (1992)

Edward and Life - To Hell With Elvis (front)

Edward and Life - To Hell With Elvis (inside)

Well, Rob McAlister. What can we say? Part Paul McCartney, part Brian Wilson, part... We dunno. This is basically a one-man show, with some notable folks (Aaron Booth helps out here - Aaron went on to play with Rob in Bobby and the Telstars) lending minor assistance.

Rob/Bobby played a rare show last week at the Marquee Room. We think we know why they're rare shows.

Listen to Edward and Life here.


Anonymous said...

I had the privilege of witnessing Bobby McAlister and the Telstars perform at the Ship and Anchor about ten years ago (or more). All the members of the band were in full Zombie-like attire (as in "The Zombies"). It was one of the most enjoyable and memorable gigs by a Calgary band that I have ever attended. The songs were all memorable and original and the arrangements (particularly the multiple part harmonies) were pure sixties kitch. I loved every minute of it! Really, this was one special band. I have since searched in vain for any indication that these guys might have recored these songs with this lineup for posterity. If not, then its a damn shame.

DH said...

Word! McAlister is a legend I reckon. His only crime is perfectionism really - his best work lies in.cans of 2" tape in his spare room. There are some tapes of Telstars-era stuff but you'd have a time getting McAl to let you hear it. Smelski was involved with the Edward and Life stuff too, I think.
The Telstars (incidentally) were named after a small apartment building in Kensington (backing onto the defunct 7-11 and Chicken On The Way where McAl did his alchemy for a brief, stellar period.

Anonymous said...

(I'm the guy who wrote the first comment).

Are you sayin' McAlister was then living in the building behind the old 7-11? Then we were neighbours, as I was then living half-a-block down on Bowness Road! Sorry I didn't know that then. He was great and I always admired him. if you happen to read this post, PLEASE post something from that era, Robert! Life is short!

Dallas said...

I played on that Edward and Life recording. Man, that was a long time ago!!!