Friday 14 March 2008

Chixdiggit - Humped (1993)

Chixdiggit - Humped [Front]

It's fairly incredible that these guys are still going, 15 years later. And I'll give them this: they haven't strayed too far from their original vision. Keep it fast, keep it poppy, keep it, uh, adolescent.

"The idea for Canadian alternative rock band Chixdiggit developed in 1990 when high school friends Mike, Mark and KJ began selling T-shirts for their fictional band of the same name. When the T-shirt sales escalated, it was decided to put the band on a proper footing. Mike took up bass guitar, KJ moved from drums to vocals and Mark learned guitar. With KJ's defectionfrom the drum position a new percussionist was sought, auditions leading to the recruitment of Jason Hirsch, who was really a bass player, butrelented under pressure. With the line-up established, Chixdiggit began to cultivate a reputation in their native Calgary, Canada, for playing support to practically any touring band, often at short notice." - from the band's website.
Gleefully liberated from elsewhere! Hump it here.

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