Saturday, 29 March 2008

Edward and Life - To Hell With Elvis (1992)

Edward and Life - To Hell With Elvis (front)

Edward and Life - To Hell With Elvis (inside)

Well, Rob McAlister. What can we say? Part Paul McCartney, part Brian Wilson, part... We dunno. This is basically a one-man show, with some notable folks (Aaron Booth helps out here - Aaron went on to play with Rob in Bobby and the Telstars) lending minor assistance.

Rob/Bobby played a rare show last week at the Marquee Room. We think we know why they're rare shows.

Listen to Edward and Life here.

Seven Sorry Senators - Same Seven Songs (1990)

Seven Sorry Senators - Same Seven Songs

This band is probably most notable for including Dan Hayes, an alumna of the mighty, mighty Golden Calgarians. We don't know how much of a following they had around town, but we've always enjoyed this tape.

You can listen to it here.

Ninth Configuration - Vegas (1990)

Ninth Configuration
Ninth Configuration were made up of ex-members of the Crying Hope, Th' Legendary Few and Never a Dull Moment (or Bad Houskeeping). After splitting, they went on to play in the Fricks, Pal Joey and I'm sure others. But that's as good as I can do right now.
Many thanks to Golden Rock for ripping this one and saving me the trouble.
Listen to it here.

Friday, 28 March 2008

Same Difference - Same Difference (1989)

Same Difference

Before she was part of Kris Demeanor's crack bank and a songwriter in own right, Chantal Vitalis was a big part of the jazzy Same Difference.

The Party
Cigarette (You Say)
Kiss of Ice
Love Is Over
In This Life
Can't Hear You Anymore
The River

Janine Bracewell: Vocal, keys
Dave Follett: Percussion
Lori Kennedy: Drums
Diane Kooch: Bass
Chantal Vitalis: Guitar

All songs written by Same Difference (c) Capac 1989

Recorded at Living Room Studios by Richard Harrow

Cover art by Janet Turner

Special thanks to: Syntax Arts Society, Sue (Westward Club), Rita (National), Tania (Studio a Go-Go), VOX, CJSW, James Muretich, Scott Willing, Kerry Clarke, Anne Loree, Patty Lynn, Alexander Thomas, Robert Cuffley, Richard Harrow. Thanks to all those who have helped and supported us over the past 3 years.

Another one courtesy of Mr. David Veitch. Thanks yet again!

{update Apr 24, 2016: we've just added an improved rip of this tape, thanks to Chantal Vitalis}

Get it here.

Friday, 14 March 2008

Chixdiggit - Humped (1993)

Chixdiggit - Humped [Front]

It's fairly incredible that these guys are still going, 15 years later. And I'll give them this: they haven't strayed too far from their original vision. Keep it fast, keep it poppy, keep it, uh, adolescent.

"The idea for Canadian alternative rock band Chixdiggit developed in 1990 when high school friends Mike, Mark and KJ began selling T-shirts for their fictional band of the same name. When the T-shirt sales escalated, it was decided to put the band on a proper footing. Mike took up bass guitar, KJ moved from drums to vocals and Mark learned guitar. With KJ's defectionfrom the drum position a new percussionist was sought, auditions leading to the recruitment of Jason Hirsch, who was really a bass player, butrelented under pressure. With the line-up established, Chixdiggit began to cultivate a reputation in their native Calgary, Canada, for playing support to practically any touring band, often at short notice." - from the band's website.
Gleefully liberated from elsewhere! Hump it here.