Wednesday 15 February 2012

Presence - Meeting the Demands of Society is No Excuse (1981)

Continuing on our quest for early 80's vinyl, we've got this 7" that was packaged in a 7.5" x 10.5" envelope. We don't know much about this band, but we're going to go out on a limb and suggest that this was the next step for a bunch of folks from Random Scrapings, and it looks like they co-existed with another band a few of these guys were in at the time, the R & B Keepers. If anyone out there can fill in the blanks for us, we'd appreciate it.

White Side
Struck by a Disquieting Muse

Black Side
Seduced by the System
Getting Twisted

Make your own excuses here.


TM said...

The link is gone!

Damn! I want "Seduced by the System" and "I've Been Struck By a Disquieting Nerve"

Anonymous said...

This one is available on Killed By Death's blog. Presence started as a fuck band in late 1980, including up to 12 members at some gigs, and then stabilized with Grant, Brad, Rob, and Keith in early 1981. R&B Keepers didn't start until well after Presence stopped playing (late 1982).

Anonymous said...

Used to own this single back in the early '80s. Have no idea how the hell I would have gotten it - maybe through the university record store. In retrospect they sounded like a cross between early Pavement and Flipper.