Thursday, 16 February 2012

Presence - "Blown Away" b/w "Mechanoid" (1982)

Here's a second 7" from the Presence. Same dudes as before, but this one feels a little more schizophrenic than our last post. The A-side is straight-forward rock, but the B-side kind of sounds like they guys had been listening to a lot of Devo and the Normal. And maybe watching old episodes of Doctor Who? Which isn't a bad thing, we gotta tell you.

Get blown away here.


Brian Knox McGugan said...

OMG - I am so grateful! I am a past member of the band "The Mild Chaps (Brian Knox McGugan here), and The Presence were/ are my favorite band EVER! I long since lost this recording, and I can't tell you how FU*%$^ing grateful I am to you for this. Namaste and Peace, Love. BriBro

Brian Knox McGugan said...

Please can you restore "Blown Away/ Mechanoid"... I've changed phones and this never got properly saved on my cloud

Gene Poole said...

It's back up! Enjoy!