Wednesday 4 January 2012

Golden Calgarians: New Desperados/7 Minutes to Heaven (1982)

We at the CCPS are puzzled by this Golden Calgarians release, which features future-Mules Brad Paffe and Rob Hayter. We'd like to think this was recorded while the band was in transition from being the Remains to their more constant line-up (with Jeff Smith on drums and either Doug Smith or Tim Campbell on guitar). But this bears the imprint number of grrr-50001, where It's Fun to Be Alive is grrr-50000.

All we really know is that "7 Minutes to Heaven" was chosen to be the song representative of the band on the 90.9 With a Bullet comp, which we've already said enough about. So grab these two great tracks here.

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Anonymous said...


Hey just FYI this single was recorded after the demise of The Presence in’82...and before The Mules were born. Brad Spaz and I were hired by Bruno to fill in for a few gigs and this record as the Golden Calgs had experienced some kind of bust-up but soon reformed much as they were before. Good times. BTW both of The Presence’s Records seem to be missing from this site. ‘Meeting The Demands of Society Is No Excuse’ (‘81) and ‘Blown Away’ (‘82). The Presence was K.G. Higgins (vocals and lyrics), with Brad Spaz, Grant Sim (bass), and Rob Hayter. Thanks for you superb work on this site. All best wishes Rob Hayter, West Sussex, UK. E-mail: