Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Citrus Park- South (1990)

Citrus Park - South

Citrus Park - South (inside)

One of my favourites from the early 90's scene. Listen to it here.


Anonymous said...

I remember attending a Feast of Fools gig at the original 'Republik' which was on 9th Avenue S.W. back in 1986. It was on a Thursday night which was 'triple highball' night and the crowd was huge. A friend videotaped the entire evening and it was one of the funniest tapes I have ever seen as he went around the venue and interviewed all of the drunk patrons. One guy kept comparing the Fools to Pink Floyd which of course was ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

Shortly after this cover photo was taken a train came by barely missing Burns and almost severed off his most treasured body part. Jeff you know which part I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

Would LOVE to see that video tape!!