Tuesday 1 January 2008

Yr Scapegoat - Girls Who Love Horses (1995)

Yr Scapegoat - Girls Who Love Horses

Djewel Davidson can be a bit of a polarizing performer. Me, I like him. Others, not so much. Yr Scapegoat were, if I remember correctly, pretty hard to take live. This recording benefits from the participation of Joe and Cheryl from the Quitters (who would later team up with other Scapegoater Joanna Shaw to form Straight). This tape also namechecks Jeff Burns. I suspect he recorded this.

Djewel's current band, the Ex-Boyfriends, just released a new album about two months ago. Well worth checking out.

Listen to Girls Who Love Horses here.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, it was Joe McCaffery who recorded most of this on Chris Truch's much used 8-track during 1993. There might be one or two tracks on here recorded in Jeff Burns' basement studio, but I can't remember. I love this recording. If I recall, I don't think that they "released" it until a year or two later, after Yr Scapegoat had fallen apart.