Monday 5 March 2012

Tau Ceti - So Far (1986)

We've always been a bit puzzled by this LP, which is more of an EP collection of prior recordings from Tau Ceti. Or why the cover art is so similar to their 7". Or why this came out the same year as their 7". We're puzzled by a lot, so we'll turn to the feature on the Calgary underground music scene from the January 1986 issue of Calgary magazine:

Tau Ceti
left to right: Barry Calnan, Dan Klauss, Alice Gauthier
Tau Ceti knows you can’t force anyone to think, and approaches its music with that in mind. The group’s front man, guitarist Dan Klauss, writes the lyrics he sings. Alice Gauthier sits on keyboard, alongside drummer Barry Calnan. Together 18 months, Tau Ceti recently released its first single, a love song entitled Radiation. The group’s members agree that there is no way to make a living in Calgary. For the most part, Tau Ceti is a dance band. They’ve made the natural progression from punk-rock cover band (covering material) to composing their own tunes. Upbeat and “pop” one moment, the trio can be dark and bizarre the next. The group takes its name from a Robert Heinlein novel. Tau Ceti is a distant solar system that desperate earthlings mistakenly travel to in search of refuge. By the time they get there, however, earth technology catches up to them in a very literal sense. An album should be ready for release this month. In a symbolic gesture, it will be entitledThe Miracle Will Pass: disappearing ink on the record jacket will render the band’s name invisible right before your stereophonic eyes.
And, once again, thanks to Golden Rock for transcription services:
Near Side...And I Wonder (Alternate Version)**
San Francisco**
Far SideRadiation II (Fallout 86 Mix)*
Bathed in Dark Light (Rhythm Version)*
It's All Too Much** 
Barry Calnan: Percussion-Vocals
Alice Gauthier: Keyboards-Vocals
Dan Klauss: Guitar-Vocals 
**Produced by Dan Klauss
*Produced by Frank Lockwood (1985)
Remixed & Reproduced by Dan Klauss (1986)
All tracks engineered by Richard Harrow
Production Assistance: Mike Bezzeg
Photography & Graphics: Grant Hutchinson
Art Direction & Management: Mike Bezzeg
Executive Producers: *Mike Bezzeg, **Marc & Gillian Bowles
All tracks recorded & remixed at The Living Room 
A thousand thanks to:
The Fans, Marino Dinapoli, Grant Hutchinson, Richard Harrow and all who have helped and worked so hard.

Get it here.


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