Wednesday 2 January 2008

Big Bang Theory - Up On A Christmas Tree (1989)

Big Bang Theory - Up On A Christmas Tree

Big Bang Theory - Up On A Christmas Tree (inside)

We keep having the urge to write to the addresses listed on these tapes, to see what happens. If there's any chance someone remotely connected with the band is there. It's an easy urge to suppress, especially when we find their videos on the youtubes:

We've also got a great article by James Muretich about the band, which was published about a year before this tape came out:

Here's a nice review of the tape from VOX:

Listen to Up On A Christmas Tree here.


Andy Williamson said...

Great job pulling all this old junk together! You are correct: writing to the addresses listed on these cassettes would be futile. In fact, the old rehearsal house in Erlton listed in the notes is now that big condo complex, that burned down and was rebuilt.

FYI - members of BBT can still be found playing around town these days under various aliases.

Patrick Calnan said...

Wow, what a blast from the past! Here's my Big Bang Theory tale... once upon a time, I had hair and played in an Ottawa-based band called The Gutterboys. On May 17th, 1990, we were asked to open for a band from out of town called Big Bang Theory. We were happy to open for these guys and were completely blown away by their set. They graciously gave us copies of their cassette (which they were touring to promote) and I happily listened to it for many years afterward. Sadly, the tape got lost or destroyed somewhere down the line but it's awesome that I can have the chance to listen to these songs again. If anyone is in touch with any of the guys from Big Bang Theory, please let them know that I'd love to hear from them again. The Gutterboys have since reunited as a nostalgia shtick and we can be reached through our web site. I doubt it'd be feasible but if BBT ever came back to Ottawa, we would donate organs (well, not literally) to be able to open for them again. Cheers! Patrick

Walk Hard said...

I saw these guys in '91 or '92 in Kingston, Ontario at the Toucan, a long, narrow venue. I remember them opening with "We're Big Bang Theory, and this is the sound we make" but not much else. Make that nothing else.