Thursday 11 December 2008

Loudmouth - Loudmouth (1996)


We're not sure where this fits in terms of the Puritans to Agnostics conversion. The Puritans continued to be active to about 1998, so... we really don't know. Anyways, a great chance to hear more of Bob's flyin' fingers guitar. A strange mix of jazz, punk and rockabilly. Or something.

Get it here.

Shoutin' Abner Pim and the Puritans - Patented Bloody Row a901782 (1995)

Shoutin' Abner Pim and the Puritans - Patented Bloody Row a901782

I have a secret fear, which I will now confide in you: having conversations with Bob Keelaghan. Bob's brain is bigger than anyone else's, and I can usually only barely keep up with him in conversation.

But he's a mean guitar player, and this shows it. Shoutin' Abner Pim and the Puritans eventually trimmed their name by 75% or so, and ended up as the Puritans. For this release, half-man half-machinedrummer Stephen Nykolyn is in the drummer's seat, and Ex-Boyfriend Michael Paton is on second guitar.

Following the collapse of the Puritans, Bob and bassist Vladimir Sobolewski put their energies into the fantastic Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir.

This tape was later released as part of the band's Marquee Themes CD, which you can download on ye olde iTunes.

Friday 3 October 2008

Barflies - Live in Ian's Basement (1994)

After asking around to see if anyone had a copy of the Barflies' semi-legendary "I Like Darby," it turns out we had a crappy video that Paul Barflie had given us a few years ago. So, here as a stop-gap is a ultra-crappy, lowlowlow-fi recording of the whole show they did. 'Cos we've been having trouble splitting the file. Anyways, "I Like Darby" is the second song up. Enjoy!

This was recorded Live in Ian's Basement to video. The night featured the Barflies, See Jane Play, Teens for Decency and The Parkades.

Get it!

Friday 11 April 2008

Now Feeling - From Haloes to Lampshades (1988)

We're going to get a bit revisionist here as we re-up this tape. When we originally posted it, we were most focused on the involvement of soon-to-be-Quitter Joe McCaffery, but this is a whole lot more than that.

We realize now that this tape boasts an all-star line-up, including core members Andrew Pearce, Allen Baekeland and Terry Tomkins (the latter two of whom went on to some degree of fame with Lost and Profound). But then there are folks like Rodney Brent and Karl Roth in the mix, to add to the goodness. Listening to this over the past few years since our initial posting, we've grown quite fond of this tape.

Here's something even better though, stolen from Allen Baekeland on the facebook page for a September 2011 Now Feeling reunion show:

Formed in Calgary spring 1983. Died in Toronto spring 1988. Terry Tompkins wrote most of the songs and sang and played a Fender Duosonic. Neil Sanderson played Farfisa through a Leslie. Allen Baekeland played a Fender Mustang bass, sang and contributed a few songs. Andrew Pearce played drums. His first kit was shitty but he bought better ones. Joe McCaffery joined in 1986 after playing in the Will, he played a Les Paul and also contributed some songs. Other than a couple songs at Allen's 50th birthday party, they have not played in Calgary in 25 years.

Golden Rock has transcribed the liner notes:

An honest document makes its own friends.

Side One
1. Heartstop (Baekeland/Tompkins)*
2. Brand New Set of Lies (Tompkins)**
3. Another Good Reason (McCaffery/Tompkins)***
4. I See You (Tompkins)***
5. New Song #1 (Baekeland/Tompkins)****
6. She Drags Away (Baekeland/Tompkins)*
7. Are You Mine (Sanderson/Tompkins)*
8. She Took the Best Part of Me and Left (Tompkins)*****

Side Two
9. Love with a Shadow (Tompkins)***
10. Escalation (Tompkins)*
11. War Song (Tompkins)*
12. Star (Tompkins)*****
13 Great Divide (Tompkins)***
14. Purple Girl (Tompkins)*
15. Strange (Wire)******

*Recorded at Columbia Studios, Calgary '86
**Recorded at Studio 306, Toronto, May '87
***Basement Demo 87-88
****Basement Demo, Fall '84
*****Live, National Hotel, Calgary, May '86
******Live, 10 Foot Henry's, Calgary, March '84

Terry Tompkins....guitar/vocals
Andrew Pearce....drums
Chuck Gogan....bass
Joe McCaffery....lead guitar, backing vocals
Neil Sanderson....keyboards
Warren Gysi....saxophones
Lisa Boudreau....backing vocals
Rodney Brent....lap steel, mandolin
Karl Roth....violin
Sean Scott....bass
Allen Baekeland...bass, lead vocals (15), backing vocals

Produced by the Now Feeling. Columbia sessions produced by Terry Tompkins, Oz Fritz
Photo by Leonard Farlinger
Brand New Set of Lies video by Philip Martin, Dean Permutter, Antony Anderson
Special thanks to Reverend Bob Black, Oz Fritz, James Muretich, the Left Book Club, the Golden Calgarians.
All songs copyright (c) 1985-86-87-88 PROCAN

You can get the download here.

Big Bang Theory - Fish? (1987)

Big Bang Theory - Fish?

Our pals over at Golden Rock have made this little gem available. So we've stolen it from them.

Update: thanks to Mark Kocher for taking the time to scan the lyric sheets for us!

Saturday 29 March 2008

Edward and Life - To Hell With Elvis (1992)

Edward and Life - To Hell With Elvis (front)

Edward and Life - To Hell With Elvis (inside)

Well, Rob McAlister. What can we say? Part Paul McCartney, part Brian Wilson, part... We dunno. This is basically a one-man show, with some notable folks (Aaron Booth helps out here - Aaron went on to play with Rob in Bobby and the Telstars) lending minor assistance.

Rob/Bobby played a rare show last week at the Marquee Room. We think we know why they're rare shows.

Listen to Edward and Life here.

Seven Sorry Senators - Same Seven Songs (1990)

Seven Sorry Senators - Same Seven Songs

This band is probably most notable for including Dan Hayes, an alumna of the mighty, mighty Golden Calgarians. We don't know how much of a following they had around town, but we've always enjoyed this tape.

You can listen to it here.

Ninth Configuration - Vegas (1990)

Ninth Configuration
Ninth Configuration were made up of ex-members of the Crying Hope, Th' Legendary Few and Never a Dull Moment (or Bad Houskeeping). After splitting, they went on to play in the Fricks, Pal Joey and I'm sure others. But that's as good as I can do right now.
Many thanks to Golden Rock for ripping this one and saving me the trouble.
Listen to it here.

Friday 28 March 2008

Same Difference - Same Difference (1989)

Same Difference

Before she was part of Kris Demeanor's crack bank and a songwriter in own right, Chantal Vitalis was a big part of the jazzy Same Difference.

The Party
Cigarette (You Say)
Kiss of Ice
Love Is Over
In This Life
Can't Hear You Anymore
The River

Janine Bracewell: Vocal, keys
Dave Follett: Percussion
Lori Kennedy: Drums
Diane Kooch: Bass
Chantal Vitalis: Guitar

All songs written by Same Difference (c) Capac 1989

Recorded at Living Room Studios by Richard Harrow

Cover art by Janet Turner

Special thanks to: Syntax Arts Society, Sue (Westward Club), Rita (National), Tania (Studio a Go-Go), VOX, CJSW, James Muretich, Scott Willing, Kerry Clarke, Anne Loree, Patty Lynn, Alexander Thomas, Robert Cuffley, Richard Harrow. Thanks to all those who have helped and supported us over the past 3 years.

Another one courtesy of Mr. David Veitch. Thanks yet again!

{update Apr 24, 2016: we've just added an improved rip of this tape, thanks to Chantal Vitalis}

Get it here.

Friday 14 March 2008

Chixdiggit - Humped (1993)

Chixdiggit - Humped [Front]

It's fairly incredible that these guys are still going, 15 years later. And I'll give them this: they haven't strayed too far from their original vision. Keep it fast, keep it poppy, keep it, uh, adolescent.

"The idea for Canadian alternative rock band Chixdiggit developed in 1990 when high school friends Mike, Mark and KJ began selling T-shirts for their fictional band of the same name. When the T-shirt sales escalated, it was decided to put the band on a proper footing. Mike took up bass guitar, KJ moved from drums to vocals and Mark learned guitar. With KJ's defectionfrom the drum position a new percussionist was sought, auditions leading to the recruitment of Jason Hirsch, who was really a bass player, butrelented under pressure. With the line-up established, Chixdiggit began to cultivate a reputation in their native Calgary, Canada, for playing support to practically any touring band, often at short notice." - from the band's website.
Gleefully liberated from elsewhere! Hump it here.

Thursday 21 February 2008

Airship One - The 20 Year Afghan Project (1997)

Airship One - The 20 Year Afghan Project

This is the second tape from Airship One, and includes the warm, loving track "ffwd," in praise of Calgary's long-standing weekly. And a Smiths cover.

Listen to it here.

Tuesday 19 February 2008

Citrus Park - Swirl (1992)

Citrus Park - Swirl

Citrus Park - Swirl (inside)-2

Jeff Burns - Vocals, Guitars
Steve Bandola -Vocals, Bass Guitar
Dana Lyons - Drums

After a brief try as a four-piece (that's two guitars, bass, drums), Citrus Park went back to their original three-piece format, put this out and then broke up.

Citrus Park- South (1990)

Citrus Park - South

Citrus Park - South (inside)

One of my favourites from the early 90's scene. Listen to it here.

Wednesday 2 January 2008

Big Bang Theory - Up On A Christmas Tree (1989)

Big Bang Theory - Up On A Christmas Tree

Big Bang Theory - Up On A Christmas Tree (inside)

We keep having the urge to write to the addresses listed on these tapes, to see what happens. If there's any chance someone remotely connected with the band is there. It's an easy urge to suppress, especially when we find their videos on the youtubes:

We've also got a great article by James Muretich about the band, which was published about a year before this tape came out:

Here's a nice review of the tape from VOX:

Listen to Up On A Christmas Tree here.

Big Bang Theory - Beware the Root (1991)

Big Bang Theory - Beware the Root

Big Bang Theory - Beware the Root (inside)

What's the story on this one? This was released on CD as well. We think the guys went down to Memphis in a make or break type proposition. And got broken. But "Love Letters" is awesome.

Thankfully, we have James Muretich to fill us in on the story a bit more:

Listen to it here.

Tuesday 1 January 2008

Yr Scapegoat - Mitten (1996)

Yr Scapegoat - Mitten

More from Djewel Davidson. I should have mentioned, you can hear what is likely his first band, The Will (with Brent Cooper!) over at Golden Rock.

Also, thanks to Ian Doig for passing along a copy of this tape in its original packaging: a red mitten, allegedly knitted by Djewel's girlfriend:

Listen to more Yr Scapegoat here.

Yr Scapegoat - Girls Who Love Horses (1995)

Yr Scapegoat - Girls Who Love Horses

Djewel Davidson can be a bit of a polarizing performer. Me, I like him. Others, not so much. Yr Scapegoat were, if I remember correctly, pretty hard to take live. This recording benefits from the participation of Joe and Cheryl from the Quitters (who would later team up with other Scapegoater Joanna Shaw to form Straight). This tape also namechecks Jeff Burns. I suspect he recorded this.

Djewel's current band, the Ex-Boyfriends, just released a new album about two months ago. Well worth checking out.

Listen to Girls Who Love Horses here.