Monday 31 December 2007

Red Autumn Fall - Fabulous Yellow Roman Candles (1993)

Red Autumn Fall - Fabulous Yellow Roman Candles

Don't worry, I got some Brass, too.

Listen to RAF's FYRC here.


DH said...

Awesome. We pretended very hard that we never liked them but fuck it, they were awesome. And we were threatened. The fact they're all pretty much still at it speaks volumes about a dedication they had that the rest of us could only aspire to. Vintage Calgary pop at its level best in my overstated opinion.

AB said...

DH, I agree. Red Autumn Fall was great and I admired their confidence to step out in an established scene of garage rock curmudgeons and punk/metal heads with their big, flamboyant pop shows. They weren't just a good band, they were showmen. They raised the bar in Calgary and trail blazed a new audience for many indie pop bands, my own included. Good on 'em.

montythecat said...

RAF went on to bigger things, for sure; but this cassette was the one that I first fell in love with -- and their performance at InFest '93. If only they'd continued to sound like the band that wrote "Forgiveness" and "Love song"... Not their fault they were pulled in different directions, but all the producers, the subsequent move to Toronto, the videos and big buzz took them too far from their immediately (perhaps only in retrospect) genius foundations -- "Love Song," on this humble cassette, is probably the band at its finest. Great that it exists here; shame for the band -- and for the post-RAF pop scene degradation -- that this wasn't initially recognized as how it emerges in posterity: as a gem from a never fully realized great, great band.