Monday 31 December 2007

Quitters - Nice Try Now Quit (1991)

The Quitters - Nice Try Now Quit

"The Quitters quit and no one cared / I sat in my bedroom and stared / at the wall" - Lorrie Mattheson (Fire Engine Red).

I honestly didn't know this tape existed until Joe slid me a copy at a Straight show. Not quite the classic that Fuzzball is, but still pretty fine. "White Inside" is reworked on Straight's Palm Springs CD.

Listen to it hereabouts.


Anonymous said...

They were a great live band. As so often happens, they never quite captured the spontaniety of their gigs onto tape. Still, there does exist some good quality live recordings that I think are more indicative of what the Quitters were all about. I'll see what I can do to get these online.

CallPastorBob said...

I've been wanting to hear this since I read a glowing review of it in Stylus (U. Of Winnipeg's music zine) back in 1992. Thanks tons for posting it!