Sunday, 30 December 2007

Quitters - Fuzzball EP (1992)

The Quitters - Fuzzball EP

We remember reading a review of this in some west coast-based magazine, and they totally panned it. We were so mad - for us at the CCPS, this stands as one of the best recordings to come out of Calgary in the early 90's. Chock full of fuzzy pop goodness, via the garage.

Joe McCaffery and Cheryl would go on to form Straight, which gave us the brilliant single "Vacant." "The Beautiful People" got reworked for Straight's second CD, Palm Springs.

Listen to Fuzzball at our new link!


Aubadicus said...

Whoa, whatta site, outtasite. "Fuzzball" among longtime desiderata ... sadly expired. Re-up? Muchas thanks.

Arif said...

Thank you, sir! New link is up!

Crizwell said...

I remember this tape... this got a lot of play over the Summer of '90