Friday 10 February 2012

Hot Nasties - The Invasion of the Tribbles EP (1980)

By this point, you may be tired of our references to last year's FFWD article on the formation of the city's punk scene. We know you probably read the article when it came out, and you probably came away thinking, "wow! Warren Kinsella started the punk scene in Calgary!" We recommend you read the many comments at the bottom of the link above, in which several Persons Who Were There set the record straight. 

We're also going to point you towards the biography at the Museum of Canadian Music, which tells the story from the start - but, we note, this is likely the story as told by Kinsella, so please read it with that in mind. Prior to the Hot Nasties, Kinsella and Pierre Schenk played with future Sturgeon Alan MacDonald as Social Blemishes. At some point, MacDonald left the band (we at the CCPS have our likely suspicions as to why this may have happened) and the Social Blemishes became the Nasties.

This 45 isn't the first punk record to come out of this city. It's also (clearly) not the best. That said, the b-side on this is the main reason to hear this record. "The Secret of Immortality" is a great tune - but you can always skip the Nasties' version and skip to the quite excellent cover by one of our favourites, the Ex-Boyfriends (Djewel's voice makes this song work, way better than Warren's). It's also the one tune on here that 

We were told a story about the recording of this, but we forget important parts of it, which only ends up reflecting poorly on us, so we're not going to recount it. The story itself reflected poorly upon Warren Kinsella, 'natch. 

We're spending a lot of time talking about this 45, mostly to demystify it. We're not posting a link to this, as (a) Kinsella has repackaged the single for mass consumption via his website and (b) Kinsella is Kinsella. And (c), it looks like there's a re-issue of this forthcoming from Ugly Pop Records.


Warren K said...

"I know the real stories, but I'm not going to tell you." or, you forget.

It's not even a 45, idiot. You couldn't even get that right.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that back when Kinsella worked for Jean Chretien that there was always a proctologist on staff, just in case the Ol' Cretin made any sudden stops? One day Warren got his head stuck so far up Jean's ass that he almost suffocated.

Jean Cretin said...

"Warren never let the truth get in the way of his revisionist history..."

John Diefenbaker said...

"I wouldn't trust Warren Kinsellas word as far as I could throw him out of a window"

Guy Grand said...

Warren Kinsella is the John R Brinkley of the Calgary punk scene!