Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Golden Calgarians: It's Fun to Be Alive (1982)

Here's the first Golden Calgarian's LP, from way back in 1982. Somewhere between the Remains practice tape and this, original guitarist Scott Fawcett split and was replaced by Sandwiches/future Sacred Heart of Elvis guitarist Tim Campbell.  

Since we don't have a scan of the back cover (we're too lazy to do the whole scanning a 12" in pieces thing), here's Golden Rock's transcription:

Side X
(You're Stepping on My New) Boots
Golden Calgarians
The Dancing Floor
Herpes Simplex II

Side Y
It's Fun to Be Alive
Desert Walk
It Could Happen
The Titanic Song

The Golden Calgarians are:

Bruno: voice
Tim Campbell: guitar
Dan Hayes: keyboard
David Degrood: bass
Jeff Smith: drums

All songs written and performed by the Golden Calgarians
Recorded at Smooth Rock Studios, Calgary
Engineered by Gabriel Boucher
Produced by the Golden Calgarians
Art Concept & Design by the Golden Calgarians
Photography by Sue Smith
Special thanks to Menno Klassen, D.B. Smith, Ken Guise, Rob Clark & Karen Thomas

Your Olympic Band for the 1980's

It's fun to be alive, but not to have herpes simplex II.

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