Thursday 8 March 2012

Funeral Factory - Living With Ghosts (1987)

The Funeral Factory have always been a popular band among readers here at the CCPS, so we're pleased to bring you their 12" via Golden Rock. 

Golden Rock reader kpod also sent along a shot of a series of one-inch promotional pins produced by the Small Horse, Big Apple label. Clockwise, from top: Tau Ceti, Funeral Factory, and the logo for Tau Ceti's "Radiation II" single.

Here's Golden Rock's transcription of the liner notes:
WhitesideCarousel Of Lies
People Need
So Elvis
DarcsideHeartbreak Hotel
Purpose Extinct
Religion Darc: guitars and vocals
Religion White: keyboards and vocals
Produced by Mike Bezzeg
Engineered by Richard Harrow
Recorded at The Living Room, September-October 1986
Mixed by Harrow-Bezzeg-TFF
Photography & graphics: Grant Hutchinson
Management & art direction: Mike Bezzeg
Thanks to Cecelia & Hazel
Guests at the wake:
Dennis Marcenko
Bass: So Elvis, H.H.
Emulator II (Wall of Horror) : H.H.
Weather: People Need
Natural and Simmons snare: H.H.
James Muretich
All Night DJ: H.H.
The Hell Choir
Backing Vocals: H.H.
All tracks written by The Funeral Factory 1987 PROCAN except "Heartbreak Hotel" (Tree Publishing Co. Ltd c/o Dunbar Music Canada)
James Muretich and Religion White (Mary-Lynn Wardle) were close friends, part of why Mary-Lynn ended up lending us a box of James' newspaper clippings. And also why James spend so much time covering the Funeral Factory:

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Barry said...

Part 1 is still there, but could you please reupload Part 2?

Halloween is coming, and I'd really like to get the complete song "People Need To Be Killed".

Thanks in advance!

Capa Nostra said...

Great blog! is there any chance you reupload these 12''?

Greetings from Chile.

Rhonda said...

Wow! I can't believe I found this.Thank you for the upload!