Sunday 30 December 2007

Color Me Psycho: Kiss Me, Then... (1986)

We rarely go back an update a post, but we're making an exception for this. We originally simply cross-referenced the great work over at Golden Rock:

Our scanner can't handle how red the cover of this tape is! So, if the pink freaks you out, here's Golden Rock's transcription of the liner notes:

Released on cassette by Old Shep Records & Filmworks

Tommy Esposito: axes, yelling
Dan Worsley: keyboard mayhem
Marvey Desjarding: the drum
Alv Sawchuck: the crucial four

with: Greg Cheevers: greedy spiritual demi-god

Recorded at In Ear Audio Feb. 1986 A.D.
All jingles written, performed & destroyed by Color Me Psycho.

In retrospect, this needs a bit more than that flippant treatment. But but there's already been a lot said about this tape, so we're not sure what to add here. Oh, how about an article by James Muretich?

We also recommend you check this link at the often-brilliant-but-seldomly-updated O Canadarm! for a wee bit more history, straight from Tom Bagley.

And then, once you're done there, head this way for the download. {update April 24, 2016: Chris Zuk spent a whole pile of time and energy on an improved rip - which doesn't trim the first second or two off Black Corvair}


Ian said...

Fabulous tape! I still have my Record Store-purchased copy, although it's green, not red.

It still stands as one of my very favorite Calgary rock releases.

potsie said...

Looking for a download. All links here seem to be broken. Re-up the Zukers if possible.
Thanks, CCPS

Gene Poole said...

Link should be fixed - thanks!