Monday 31 December 2007

Sky Suspended - Sky Suspended (1993)

Sky Suspended

Sky Suspended (inside)

Somewhere on Facebook, there's an incredible picture of Aaron Booth and Aaron Smelski as part of this band, looking very, very early 1990's indie rock. Both those lads have gone on to great things - Mr. Booth has put out several fantastic records, and Mr. Smelski is the guitar brains behind Hot Little Rocket.

We think this marks the first Rob McAlister-related project we've posted thus far.

Listen to it here.

Quitters - Nice Try Now Quit (1991)

The Quitters - Nice Try Now Quit

"The Quitters quit and no one cared / I sat in my bedroom and stared / at the wall" - Lorrie Mattheson (Fire Engine Red).

I honestly didn't know this tape existed until Joe slid me a copy at a Straight show. Not quite the classic that Fuzzball is, but still pretty fine. "White Inside" is reworked on Straight's Palm Springs CD.

Listen to it hereabouts.

Red Autumn Fall - Fabulous Yellow Roman Candles (1993)

Red Autumn Fall - Fabulous Yellow Roman Candles

Don't worry, I got some Brass, too.

Listen to RAF's FYRC here.

Red Autumn Fall - Rupture (1992)

Red Autumn Fall - Rupture

Red Autumn Fall - Rupture (inside)

Simeon, Simeon - it was really nothing.

But you can listen to it here.

Sunday 30 December 2007

Quitters - Fuzzball EP (1992)

The Quitters - Fuzzball EP

We remember reading a review of this in some west coast-based magazine, and they totally panned it. We were so mad - for us at the CCPS, this stands as one of the best recordings to come out of Calgary in the early 90's. Chock full of fuzzy pop goodness, via the garage.

Joe McCaffery and Cheryl would go on to form Straight, which gave us the brilliant single "Vacant." "The Beautiful People" got reworked for Straight's second CD, Palm Springs.

Listen to Fuzzball at our new link!

Teens For Decency - TFD (1995)

Teens for Decency

Featuring Ian Doig of the Parkades and a couple of his art school buddies (and a surly (male) bass player with a dress), TFD were low fi pop at its best. Recorded by young Dave Alcock when he was really, really young.

Listen to it here.

Placebo- Tiny Gugler (1994)

Placebo - Tiny Gugler

Placebo - Tiny Gugler (inside)

With Feist's last album on pretty much every critic's year-end list, this is, well, as questionable as it was at the time.

Recorded with Jeff Burns. I think pretty much everything recorded in Calgary between 1993 and 1995 was with Jeff.

Listen to it here.

Legendary Few: Smokes (1986)

We didn't give this its due when we originally posted it back when (we lazily linked straight to Golden Rock, who passed it to us). But Pat Andrews sent us a full scan of the cover, and Graham Evans asked us to repost it. 

What name-dropping!

Color Me Psycho: Kiss Me, Then... (1986)

We rarely go back an update a post, but we're making an exception for this. We originally simply cross-referenced the great work over at Golden Rock:

Our scanner can't handle how red the cover of this tape is! So, if the pink freaks you out, here's Golden Rock's transcription of the liner notes:

Released on cassette by Old Shep Records & Filmworks

Tommy Esposito: axes, yelling
Dan Worsley: keyboard mayhem
Marvey Desjarding: the drum
Alv Sawchuck: the crucial four

with: Greg Cheevers: greedy spiritual demi-god

Recorded at In Ear Audio Feb. 1986 A.D.
All jingles written, performed & destroyed by Color Me Psycho.

In retrospect, this needs a bit more than that flippant treatment. But but there's already been a lot said about this tape, so we're not sure what to add here. Oh, how about an article by James Muretich?

We also recommend you check this link at the often-brilliant-but-seldomly-updated O Canadarm! for a wee bit more history, straight from Tom Bagley.

And then, once you're done there, head this way for the download. {update April 24, 2016: Chris Zuk spent a whole pile of time and energy on an improved rip - which doesn't trim the first second or two off Black Corvair}

Agony Pipe - Experience Machine (1992)

Agony Pipe - Experience Machine

Agony Pipe - Experience Machine (inside)

I can't remember much about these guys. There's a link to the Ramada Gods in there somewhere, and I believe their bassist, Brent, has gone on to be a part of Vailhalen.

Listen to it here.