Thursday 12 January 2012

Various - Writing-On-Stone: The Alberta Compilation (1987)

This 1987 compilation brought together bands from both Edmonton and Calgary (Calgary bands marked with * below), and was given a name of a southern Alberta landmark. Highly confusing, but it does give us an excuse to post another track from one of our favourites, Color Me Psycho.

Bands and track listing:

Side One
Euthanasia: "Grub"
Color Me Psycho: "Thirteen is my Lucky Number"*
Broken Smile: "Open Up Your Heart"
Ted Clark 5: "Number Ten Nirvana"*
Disciples of Power: "Aggressor"
Liquid Light: "I'm So Glad About Dyin"*

Side Two
This Fear: "Killing Time"
No Limbo Lasso: "A Part of the Tide"*
Big House: "Nothing to Understand"
th' Legendary Few: "Bedlam for Boris"*
Shadow Project: "Desert Spirit"
Eden's End: "Heaven and Hell"*

Get it here.


banger said...

Debut Disciples of Power song was later rewritten as Vindicator for the second album. Recorded at CJSR studios in 1987 or so, written/produced by Hart Bachmier. available at iTunes on the new compilation 'The Gospel 1987-2009' with a few other rarities.
This was the first song they put on vinyl.

Sinful said...

Hey, thanks for this trip down memory lane!

Any chance you could repost the Writing on Stone Compilation? I NEED to hear Color Me Psycho: "Thirteen is my Lucky Number" again, but I didn't know it 'til now!