Friday 20 January 2012

will... - causa sui (1983)

Quite possibly one of the best things about a good night at Broken City is the fine selection of tunes that Djewel Davidson plays. In fact, it's pretty noticeable the nights when he's not there - the music in between acts just isn't the same. 

But one of the things we've never heard him play is this almost 30-year-old LP featuring a cover photo of very young Brent Cooper (or is that Bruce McCulloch?). There's something questionable about using William Blake poetry as lyrics, but we're going to overlook that lapse in judgement in favour of the contributions that both Davidson and Cooper have made to the scene.

Thanks again to Golden Rock for transcribing the back cover:
Side AFunky Babylon 3:39
Live in Animation 3:24 (davidson/King/Cooper) 
Side 1The Empty Cabinet 3:29
The Final Reward 3:15
The Garden of Love 2:51 (Wiliam Blake/Ducky King) 
the will... are:
Peter the kid Balkwill: Banging and Thomping
Brent Cooper: Rude Noises
d.jewel davidson: Painful noises
Ducky King: Low pitched noises 
Don Pennington: Noise control 
All songs written by d.jewel davidson and Ducky King, except where noted otherwise.


Anonymous said...

This link isn't working, please reload. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Funky Babylon was a great song. I love the drawings by each member. Classic. Pete Balkwill is a rock star.

Anonymous said...

The first song on side two is missing

Gene Poole said...

How did it take us so long to fix this? The album is now complete!