Thursday 26 January 2012

Vindicators: "Thinking of Birds," "You're Too Much" and "Hate" (1989)

One of the Calgary bands we've never been able to get enough of is the Vindicators. Thankfully, Golden Rock collected their compilation-only tracks for us to enjoy.

"Thinking of Birds" (Vindicators PROCAN) appeared on the compilation Mister Garager's Neighbourhood, released on 12" vinyl by What Wave and Og Music (OG21).
From the liner notes:
A fine example of young minds warped by over-exposure to 60's punk records. Chris Carlson—vocals and guitar, Darren Borehan—guitar, Colin Forsyth—organ, Ben Sherazi—bass, Bryce Dunn—drums. In What Wave #16.
"You're Too Much" appeared on the compilation It Came From Canada 5, released on 12" vinyl by Og Music (OG25).
From the liner notes by Del Picasso:
The VINDICATORS are Canada's second-best-known 60s-garage trash teens. They formed in Calgary a couple of years back, playing farfisa-driven 60s covers and originals. They're singer-guitarist Chris Carlson, guitarist Daaren Boreham, organist Colin Forsyth, bassist Ben Sherazi, and drummer Bryce Dunn.
"Hate" appeared on the compilation Oh God, My Mom's On Channel 10!, released on 12" vinyl by Nardwuar the Human Serviette Records (CLEO1).

Chris Carlson and Ben Sherazi went on to Big Gulp, while Bryce Dunn skipped town to join the Smugglers. Daaren Boreham stayed here and formed Pussy Monster and one of Calgary's best ever garage rock cover bands, the Gaye Rage.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for The Vindicators stuff! Damn good snotty garage punk that gave The Gruesomes a run for their money.